you on only paint in iscribble?

currently yeah, to practice n shit //feels unmotivated to drw a srs piece of artwork on sai atm // 

your line work is to die for, ohmgod youre amazing

WOW WEE ! thank u thenk yoU ! wth !!! //yer amazin as well hh

your understanding of colour and tone and anatomy is so fantastic i completely adore your art thank u for being quite literally awesome

omq, n all this time, thot yal has been doin it wrong ! thenks a buncha anon, u too are perty  fantastic !!! :’)

you're my favorite artist ever... a real inspiration.... please keep up the good work!!

AHHH ! thenk u thenk u anon, feels rad to be graced with the title of favourite artist ever *-* /// 

Do you have any other blogs?

just a personal blog ! nothin worth lookin at tho :000