boy i love me some hunkle stan

hELLO!! I just dropped by to say I really love how you drew Stan on your latest post! You're the first one I've seen to draw him possessed by Bill. (people were mostly focusing on Bipper ha) And the fangs, tHE fANGS are lookin great yes I love the fangs so much yessss. ANYWAy yeah that's all I really love it thank you for drawing him uvu

WOW WEE ZOW WEE ! HY HY, holy shit thANKS U A FUCK TON //yal lovs em som hunkle stan once in while yeyeye, oh n tytyty again droing !!! //lovs u too

What does ur url mean?

yallo + lolita = yalloli(s) ! 

How do you do the thing with the art

What is the first thing you do when you draw? Do you usually do the sketch first or directly do the head?

wil do sketches first dependin on the seriousness of the work // buuuut fer doodles n practice, yal wud immediately start drawin any part with the base colours, shading, etc. yadda yadda /

your art is so good tho you should totes draw somethaattt 8D

thANK YOU vERY MUCH !!! //wil put em on the to-draw list :’) 

what do you think of gravity falls natelee?

bonus stan:

Holy cow your art is fantastic!!! <3


I love yal, and I hope yal loves yal. Have a ding dong diddly good day, you amazing artist, you!

THANK YOU THANK YOU, yal lovs u too !!! omfq :- * //n u hav a spectacular day yerself !